Ready to grow your business?

Hi there! I’m LaToya, Certified Online Business Manager for entrepreneurial ladies! Running a business doesn’t mean you need to manage everything, I’m here to help you scale the business you are passionate about. I help women in business with their people, projects and processes. I focus on growth, goals, strategies, operations and team building.

The aim is to take charge of the operational aspects and strategic planning so that you can comfortably scale without distractions! 

Here’s why we can rock business together:

  • I understand that “life happens”; you’ll have flexibility when we work together.
  • I work online, so I know the basics of management in the virtual world, that means less queries coming at you.
  • You’re not just “my client”. We connect as women and business owners so magic happens.
  • As a Certified OBM, we’ll discuss all the ways I can compliment your growth.
  • You can be great at what you do and I will be great at this for you.

Certified Online Business Manager

for phenomenal ladies in business



I’m really lucky to have LaToya on my team. She has been working with me for several years now. She is quick at learning new skills and technologies. It has always been really easy to communicate with her. She is soft spoken, very polite and speaks and writes in perfect english. I had absolutely no problem having her interface and manage my customers. LaToya has always been reliable and I have full trust in her. I allocate tasks to her, step away and she get them done. She has initiative and the skills to go around issues and complete her job. I highly recommend her for any project.

Massimo Armiraglio

Before working with LaToya, I had no systems and processes for managing my email, client interactions, and new client research. Now I have smoothly working systems that I didn’t have to create! Plus I have a professional, easy-to-work-with team member whom I truly value.

Cathy Mazak

LaToya is easy to work with, a great communicator, and a very quick learner. She is resourceful and fun to work with which was really important to us! She is tech savvy, great with social media, and was open to learning any of the tech tools and systems that we use. LaToya has not only helped our business, she has become a part of our community and feels like family to us!

Kimi & Pua

Working with LaToya was great! She was very professional, prompt, and very organized from the beginning. It was great to be able to delegate to her so I could focus on what I was really good at (which was NOT organization 😂) LaToya would actually check in with me to see what else she could do for me and keep me on track with my projects, and was always willing to offer guidance to me, like with Mailchimp or Canva

Jelisa Smith