Guess what… I don’t meant wining and dining with massages and cucumbered eyes! I mean the REAL CEO sh*t… waking up to completed projects, all you can use funnels and a team managing operations that you don’t ever have to dabble into.

Imagine living the life of a spoiled six figure Virtual Boss!!!

Yup, let that sink in…

You don’t have to ask for updates… because they’re there!

You don’t have to rummage through endless proposals and applications… because that’s done!

You don’t have to train a team member… because your bad ass Business Manager drank your missions, visions, and processes at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

She know’s everything a team member needs to know to manage, execute, implement and train… so you wake up to a note saying the new hire did the whole damn thing yesterday and is fully equipped to do it all alone.


You had no part of it… NONE!

And this is what I want you to have… no worries plus sh*t DONE!

Right now this is just a fabulous dream, but it doesn’t have to be, read on to see how you can make this your reality.

the six figure funnel:

Self liquidating, lead generation, webinar… whatever. A funnel that will speak volumes for your business and is exactly what you need to get to the next level.


Remember when the the fairy god mother came to bring good things and good vibes? That’ll be me… a Certified Online Business Manager who’s also a fairy for six figure women! Team management, operations, and project management go through an ultimate transformation; the best part is that you get more time to sit back, relax (maybe with cucumbered eyes) and watch it all unfold.

This is a premium Done For You service that has a team ready to get started so you don’t have to find and manage 4, 5, 6 and 7 contractors!

This includes Online Business Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Systems and Launch Management, Content and Social Media Management and Virtual Assistance… and I manage the team so you don’t have to!

let’s talk about the six figure funnel


  • You’re manually sending emails every week because it’s not automated
  • The link in your emails lead to a crappy call to action page
  • You’re still booking calls through back and forth emails
  • You keep having to send payment links to leads
  • You need your lead pages, landing pages and webinar set up done right
  • You have no idea how you made it this far
  • Your revenue has not increased for over 3 months
  • You need your funnel managed from top to bottom so that you can make more money
  • You just want to get it done right the first time so you can grow



  • You’re tired paying people who don’t do their jobs
  • You’re frustrated managing multiple contractors and team members
  • You can’t believe you have to replace and train another contractor or team member
  • Your systems are missing and you desperately need operating procedures
  • You need a strong system so you know what’s being done in your business and who’s doing it
  • People are slacking right in the middle of your launch when you need them the most
  • Management is not your favorite thing and day to day operations are slowing you down
  • You just want it all to work

sounds about right?
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